Failmap Blog

Things happening around the Failmap project.

Geography Update March 2018

The map is an important aspect of failmap. Without it, presentation and incentive to change wouldn’t be as strong. With mapping comes the challenge to make sure the map is correct. In the Netherlands we visualize municipalities, which change every year: mainly merging and dissolving. Getting accurate data is impossible to do by hand. Luckily there are many mapping guru’s out there who have done the heavy lifting and given it back to the world for all of us to enjoy. Read more →

Infrastucture Review February 2018

There is a lot of infra to make sure failmap runs. This is a “sneak peak” inside these systems. Of course it’s not a “sneak peak”, since everything we run is public :) If you want to review our server config and such, better look here, here and even here. Please report any critical vulnerabilities, or start a mapping website and shame us over it :D Static websites Read more →

Update Februari 2018

Failmap has been the driving force behind fixing thousands of vulnerabilities! This makes us very proud and we’re just getting started. Thanks for reading this blog. So much has happened, so there is a lot to share. \0/ This is a community project. All of our work is public, including all code and data. You are welcome to join! Status update - Sept 2017 to Feb 2018 Successes: failmap has already been the driving force behind fixing thousands of vulnerabilities(! Read more →